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  Objective of research project

A perceived spontaneous and direct After-Death Communication (ADC) occurs when a mourner unexpectedly perceives a deceased person through the senses of sight, hearing, smell, or touch. Very commonly, persons who experience an ADC (experients) solely “feel the presence” of the deceased person or perceive a contact or a communication during sleep or hypnagogic states.

ADCs occur frequently, with research having found that 50% of mourners have experienced one or more spontaneous and direct ADCs. Testimonies collected in different countries and since the last century suggest this phenomenon to be universal and timeless. Despite their widespread occurrence, ADCs, paradoxically, have been little researched and are absent from the media and public discourse. As a consequence experients usually have no frame of reference in terms of which to understand, integrate and fully benefit from this experience which doesn’t match mainstream conceptions of reality.

The objective of this international 2-year research project is to gain a better understanding of the phenomenology and the impact of perceived spontaneous After-Death Communications. The data collected on the basis of the present questionnaire are expected to provide insights into the profile of the experients; the profile of the deceased person allegedly initiating the contact; the circumstances of occurrence; the type, unfolding and message of ADCs; and their impact on experients. The outcome should permit disclosure of this hidden social phenomenon to the scientific community and the public by means of publications, conferences, and media events.

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